Sometimes it's just all about me...

I'm a writer. For a living as a freelancer. For my passion as a story teller. I ♥ to take photos and my dog. And once in a while... it's just all about me :)
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I am totally convinced that the red pandas defense mechanism is to make his enemy stop and say ’ awwwww you so cute lil buddy ’ :)

I dinnut do nuthin :)

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So many women have been told over the years, you know, once you’re over fifty is over. Or forty, whatever it is. That’s not so. That’s just not so. And we proved it. - Rue McClanahan

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Commission for Vanessa

Another illustration for her »> BLOG «< and the book reviews. 



this is a strong independent dog that dont need no man to walk him dog walks itself

I will walk myself dammit

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One handsome cookie

One handsome cookie

Just found this path at the page of bidoofcrossing and it is just perfect for my town and Mermaid house!

Aw so cute

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Sometimes it’s just all about me… turned 3 today!